Instrument Accessories

Dj Cabinet Assembled

Price: -
{1}-Two Top 12'' With Flate Case-Rs-18000/-

{2}-Two Top 15'' With Flate Case-Rs-20000/-

{3}-Two Bass 18'' With Flate Case-Rs-30000/-

{4}-Two Line-array 12'' With Flate Case-Rs-30000/-

{5}-Two Stage Graph 15’’ With Flate Case-Rs-18000/-

Dj Cabinet And Speaker Assembled

Price: -

{1}-Two Top 12'' With Speaker Flate Case-Rs-40000/-

{2}-Two Top 15'' With Speaker Flate Case-Rs-45000/-

{3}-Two Bass 18'' With Speaker Flate Case-Rs-50000/-

{4}-Two Line-array 12'' With Speaker Flate Case-Rs-50000/-

{5}-Two Stage Graph 15’’ With Speaker Flate Case-Rs-35000/-

Dj Speaker Assembled

Price: -






Amph's Peti

Price: -




{4}-6-Led Peti--Rs-4500/-

Lighting price:-

{1}-Moving Head 575w--Rs-18000/-

{2}-Alfa Beam 300w--Rs-30000/-

{3}-Shapy Beam 200w--Rs-40000/-

{4}-Black 36-Led Park--Rs-2200/-

{5}-Black 54-Led Park--Rs-3000/-

{6}-Black 18-Led Park--Rs-1800/-

{7}-Center Mashroom Led-Dmx--Rs-3500/-

{8}-Smoke Machine 1500w--Rs-4500/-1200w--Rs-3500/-

{9}-Led Flame 120w--Rs-2500/-

{10}-Strobe 1500w--Rs-2000/-

{11}-Green Beam Laser--Rs-4000/-

{12}-Flower Scanner 24w--Rs-3000/-

{13}-Pilot-512 Dmx--Rs-4000/-

{14}-Pilot-240 Dmx--Rs-8000/-

{15}-Single Side 18x18 Height-16x16 Hydraulic Truss--Rs-40000/-

{16}-For Side 18x18 Height-16x16 Hydraulic Truss--Rs-80000/-

{17}-For Side 20x20 Height-18x18 Hydraulic Truss--Rs-90000/-

{18}-For Side 24x24 Height-20x20 Hydraulic Truss--Rs-100000/-

{19}-For Side 40x40 Height-24x24 Hydraulic Truss--Rs-160000/-

{20}-Round-Truss 4 Side 16x16 Height-18x18--Rs-100000/-

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