EAnnatto registered Trademark and Product of Wellness extract, Wellness extract is Canada based Company, We promise to Deliver Best only Best and Top Quality Product backed by science, we Manufacture all of our product in Strict GMP Compliant facility , We use DeltaGold A patented Tocotrienol for Eannatto which is extracted without any use of Chemical or solvent and it is been manufactured using a proprietary process leading to purest form of natural tocopherol-free tocotrienols available developed by Dr. Barrie who is first and foremost a scientist with a Ph.D. in Chemistry/ Biochemistry, started as an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst (Chemistry, Food Science & Nutrition). His mission is to deliver the highest quality nutritional products based on sound scientific research.For the last 35 years, Barrie has immersed himself in the world of Vitamin E and is considered one of the world’s foremost experts, credited with discovering tocotrienol in 3 major natural sources – Palm, Rice and Annatto. His first discoveries where in Palm & Rice, but due to their high levels of tocopherol, they also lacked potency. Barrie continued his research and was soon rewarded when he found the best-in-class tocotrienol in the Annatto plant! Barrie’s relationship with Annatto has spanned 20 years and multiple clinical trials across chronic diseases – Annatto tocotrienol has proven clinical benefits.

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