Stainless Steel Combi Oven: We are one of the most prominent names in the food industry engaged in providing an optimum quality commercial combi vat in India. This combi oven in India are well known in the market for its easy operation and Fast steam technology for immediate steam generation. High-quality material is utilized in the manufacturing of this combi oven. We offer our products in the market at the prices. Want to know about the commercial combi oven price & details click on the given link and & inquiry.

Features of Commercial Combi Oven

• Convection, combi oven, and steam cooking
• Temperature settable from 30°C to 280°C
• Manual cooking mode
• Manual controls
• Fast steam technology for immediate steam generation
• Humidity release from 0% to 100%
• Professional​Combi Oven has a Manual system for forced extraction of humidity
• Automatic inversion of fans rotation
• Special ventilation SOFT-BAKING
• 304 stainless steel cooking chamber
• Ergonomic and lightweight handle compliant with HACCP standards
• Frontal structure with the screwless system
• Simply-removable control panel
• Simply-approachable right side
• Simply approachable motor compartment
• Integrated humidity collector aisle
• Adjustable feet
• Stackable kit configuration
• Simply-removable rack holder
• Reversible door opening R/L*
• Combi Oven has a Double glass door with high thermic insulation and easy inspection with a safety fan stop system when the door is open Halogen inner lamps in the cooking chamber
• Cooling fan for components protection
• Retractable shower included **

* Get to know commercial combi oven prices in India call us.
* Optional only at the order placement
**Not available for Lite unit

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