Morinda Citrafolia or better known as the Noni Fruit is a pain killer, anti-oxidant, anti-Ageing, a healer; fights against cancer, cures Insomnia, cures deeply infected wounds, cures diabetic wounds, reduces high-blood pressure, fights against depression, stops hairfall, makes skin shiny smooth, prevents wrinkles, promotes proper circulation of blood and increases blood oxygen levels and maintains the whole metabolism under check. After every 2 hours our liver releases a substance called as Proxeronine which is responisible for maintaining our whole body metabolism. If we have a weak liver the secretion of Proxeronine will be less ~ sometimes none at all.., hence resulting in a weak immune system, in other words a weak body. As we go through our daily life we face alot of situations that makes us angry, sad, depressed, happy and afraid. These are factors that seriously have a greater impact on our bodies. These fluctuation of emotions actually take a great toll out of our bodies ~ sometimes good and sometimes bad, but mostly bad! The main job of Proxeronine is to maintain a balance that our immune system needs to make our bodies function properly. But, when Proxeronine is not being supplied when needed that’s when we begin to experience the effects of the imbalance that is created; eg. insomnia, hairfall, dry and damaged hair, stress, fatigue, breathlessness, lack of concentration, pale skin, dry skin, dark circles, etc…This is where the Noni Fruit comes in as a miracle supplement.
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