Bingo Robot Custom Stickers is one of our cartoon stickers. As you can see, this sticker looks like a robot with bingo written on its head. The robot likes money very much, because he has a bag of money in his hand.
Bingo Robot Custom Stickers are machine cut delicate die cutting stickers, die cutting stickers easy to use, no need to cut again, and die cutting stickers beautiful graphics, individual stickers can be given to people. Meanwhile, this sticker is also made of our high quality waterproof vinyl material, which is not easy to be damaged and has waterproof layer on the surface.
There are many uses for stickers, and they can play a unique role in many fields. You can buy Custom Stickers No Minimum to find more ways to use them for your personal or business use.
Size: 2.3”
Style: die cut stickers

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